Mommy Mia!

Yesterday, I was on the computer checking my email. Allison was napping & the girls were watching TV just in the next room. I could hear that they were playing Mommy & Baby. I could hear Mia telling Adelaide that she was stinky & Adelaide replying in her "baby voice" that yes, she was poopy. This interupted me & I asked about it. I only half heard something about not "real mom" I mean "pretend mom". (This is rather a regular occurrence in our house.) I don't know what exactly made me peek over the couch, but this is what I found - "Mommy" & "Baby" (complete with bottle).

"Mommy Mia" was changing "Baby Adelaide's" diaper! Just a couple of problems: Mommy didn't take off baby's diaper, she just put the new one over the top of the old - Second, it was Allison's diaper, there fore 2 sizes too small. They were laughing & so cute I couldn't help but laugh.


Hilarious!! That is too funny about putting on a diaper that was too small!
I love it! Classic kids! This one had me cracking up like crazy. Mommy Mia and Baby Adelaide. Nothin' better than that.

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