My First Speed Scrap

OK, I don't know who scrapbooks or what. Anyway, some people do what are called speed scraps. Basically, you start with one instruction. Then you get 1 instruction every 10 minutes for an hour. Then, after the last one, you have an additional hour to finish & post your completed page. This was the first one I was able to do. It was pretty fun, and I really like my layout.

Before I show you my page, here are the instructions.
1. Find 4 papers-2 solid and 2 prints
2. Crop only one paper. The others must stay square. (any size will do)
3. 1 picture altered (b/w, tinted, sepia) Picture must stay rectangular or square.
4. Use a wrap of some sort on your picture.
5. Use a ribbon (must be separate from your wrap), a couple of buttons, and a flower
6. Word Art/Title your page-But, it must include some type of embellishment in it. It can even be one of the ones from step 5.
7. Date your layout


Anonymous said…
hey there I was in that speed scrap with you and your page was great!!!! I am looking for more speed scraps to do but I am having a hard time finding any more...
Jess said…
Speed Scrapping? Wow!! You are the fastest scrapper in the east! he he Sounds like lots of fun!!
Jen said…
I've never done speed scrapping before, but your page turned out really cute! I love those colors together.

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