A Little Random-ness

I'm going a little crazy the past few days. Adam was sick Tuesday & Wednesday. Amelia was sick Wednesday & today. I'm tired of being in the house. Today is such a nice day too. I mean, it's REALLY windy, but it's like 65 or something outside. FINALLY! And where am I? Stuck in the house. I feel bad for Adelaide too, because Mia is resting & Allison is down for her nap. Earlier today, Adelaide brought me her Cinderella dress to help her put on. Allison pulled on it & tried to take it away. I sent Adelaide to get the yellow Princess Dora dress (which belongs to Adelaide) for Allison. Here they are. Aren't they adorable? Can you say "Get off me Sis?"
Adelaide decided that SHE wanted to wear the yellow dress, so we put another one on Allison. She didn't really care. This is the first time that she's gotten to play dress-up with the princess dresses. She was SO happy. She spun around & flipped her dress. She was so funny.
Hopefully, everyone will be well soon. Of course, then we'll have rain & be stuck inside some more. Oh well. That gives me more chance to clean it, right? *sigh* Lucky me.


What cute little girls. We have an absence of anything cute at our house so I have to admire other people's cute girls and girly stuff! LOL! I hear you on the being stuck inside! No fun at all! It might give you more time to clean up, but I have found that I end up going in circles, as my boys destroy all my hard work! Stinkers! LOL!
Jess said…
Awww her first time playing dress up she is getting so big! Tell her to knock it off. LOL She is so cute too!
MonkAre said…
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