Preschool has started...Yippee! Amelia & Adelaide started yesterday. They LOVE it! They have been SO excited & asking me for months when they get to go to preschool. Here's a too-cute pic of the girls. - Dang! Looks can be deceiving. They almost look like they could get-along.The girls are very excited with their backpacks. Just imagine...Adam got a new backpack & I had to get one for everyone. (Amelia = Disney Princesses / Adelaide = Barbie)
The girls have a cubby that they share - a place to hang their sweaters & backpacks. And, it's just their size. Three cheers for independence!!Andrea is one of their "Big Kid Buddies" at preschool. It's at a local high school 3 days a week. It's only for an hour & a half, but it's free...It gives me a break.
Lauren is their other "Big Kid Buddy". Preschool overlaps 2 class periods. The girls are having a great time so far & don't seem homesick at all - just excited. Awesome!


normal mom said…
Is that church Andrea? Look how pretty and grown up she is! Oh, and your girls look great too! What a fun thing for them to get to do. I hope you enjoy having "just" one for a few hours a week!
How cute are the girls, in that picture, with Addy's head resting on Mia's shoulder? I love how sweet they can look. It looks like they are having fun and getting to feel like big girls. Good job Mom!! ;0)
La Smala said…
How fun...and how fun for you, only one kid left, yipeee! Your girls look like angels, I don't know how they could possibly ever misbehave, I don't believe it! :)

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