Misc. Catch-Up (a little bit)

Well, it's been almost a year since I've shown the blog a little love...Oh well, I think I'll just start from now. Things have gotten a little crazy around here in the last few months with us making plans to move from IL back to AZ. Our house here sold in 4 days! INSANE! After the quick sale, things became a little more definite & I ended up making a house-hunting trip to AZ. It was a crazy few days. I saw about 35 houses in 4 days.

While I was in AZ, we actually offered on 2 different houses. The first one, we were just too late. The second, however went around a little. We offered, heard back that they had other offers, and RE-offered. All this time, the sellers were on vacation & their realtor was trying desperately to reach them. Well, they came home to 3 offers on their home (we were the best), rejected the offers, and pulled the house off the market. JERKS! Either they weren't serious or they think they can get MORE if they wait a little. On my last day, I saw another house that I loved. While I was travelling home, Bryan was getting our offer put in for it. (Yes. House #3). This house was a foreclosure, so the offer had to be approved by the lender which was taking forever. While we were waiting around to hear about this property, there were more offers received (we don't know how we compared). Then, we waited longer, assuming they would send out a multi-counter offer (for everyone to give their best offer so they could pick). Waiting...Waiting...MORE WAITING. During this period, Bryan found another property that is pretty close to the same floorplan with a bigger lot. He decided to pull our offer & offer on property #4.

This one is a short sale, so we knew it might be months of waiting. Things are moving along slowly. The seller was scheduled for foreclosure in February, but it was postponed until May. We hope that it's more cost-effective for the lender to take our offer now on a short sale, rather than go through a full foreclosure later. Another bump in the road...We've found out that the seller has over $23,000 in judgements & liens against them. I guess now we just wait to see if the lawyers & creditors can settle things in a way that the seller can live with. We just wait & hope this can be worked out, so we can buy their home.

In the meantime, we are slowly packing things here. Much of the packing will be done at the last minute, because I still have to live here for another month. I just keep reminding me that STRESS is a normal part of life, right? Opposition & hard times makes us appreciate the good even more. Yeah, I know it, but I want to poke those optimistic people in the eye sometimes.


Muche said…
So, we need more details on when you're coming back, why, jobs and all that! Come on girl, we waited a whole year to hear from you ;)))

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