March is LONG Gone...April will Shortly Follow

March was a relatively quite month, until our Birthday Marathon toward the end. This March was particularly special, because Amelia turned 8. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (I am a Mormon), and the age of 8 is when children can choose to be baptized & become members of the Church. We were very happy to have Nana & Papa come from Utah. We were grateful Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Katy could come from Arizona. It was a great experience for a special little girl. We missed all those who could not attend, but are thankful for those who came tom support her.
Adam got to go on a backpacking trip with the Scouts over spring break. He was a little sad to leave before Grandma & Grandpa left, but he had a good time...He would've complained about our activities anyway.
Since this was Katy's first trip to visit, we took her to Chicago. We had to look around Millennium Park.
The girls LOVED checking out American Girl...
A couple of days after everyone left, we had quite an eventful evening. We lost track of Allison. Last I knew, she was playing on the neighbor's trampoline. Sometimes, she has been known to go inside this neighbor's house. - Though THIS day, I had told her to stay outside. Anyway, we could not find the girl or her friend ANYWHERE. I was out to dinner with Adam, and had to come home. Bryan had banged on the neighbor's doors & drove around the neighborhood, before finally calling the police. I came rushed home & was almost hysterical, when greeted by 4-5 police cars.

I walked through EVERY bit of my house calling Allison's name. - No Luck. Bryan even climbed into the egress to bang on the neighbor's basement window. The Officer banged on the front & back doors after ringing the doorbell repeatedly. I just kept saying that there wasn't any place else she would go.

Then, CRAZY! These two 5 yr old girls come walking between the houses from out the front door to the backyard where we were standing. I grabbed her & took her inside. Come to find out, the neighbor's 14yr old sister was upstairs the whole time. I can't imagine how she freaked when the Lady-Officer entered her house & asked her to call her mother on the phone.

I was SO grateful to find Allison, but come to find out the other girl played "Hair-Stylist" and cut chunks of Allison's hair. I think THIS girl is where I get the MOST gray hairs...
For Mia's birthday, she wanted to get her ears pierced. Well, things were a little crazy around her bday with company & spring break, so we waited a bit. I took her out on a date to get her ears pierced, eat some dinner at the food court & do a little shopping for Easter stuff. The poor thing. She was SO excited, but then she panicked & FREAKED OUT. The associate literally had EVERYTHING ready, and she just started to sob.

So, I took her over to look at all of the different pairs of earrings. After some talking & choosing some super-cute stuff, even promising to get her a "Best Friends" necklace set, she gathered her courage and got back into the chair. Luckily, there were 2 associates working, so they pierced both of her ears at the same time. She was surprised & relieved that it didn't hurt like she was expecting.

She loves her little, pink peace-sign earrings, but can't wait until she can change them out for another pair.
Now that she is 8, Mia gets to participate in Activity Days. The girls in our ward got to do their own Pinewood Derby race. She had so much fun painting her car, then watching the race. She didn't place, but she was 5th out of 13 girls. Not too bad.
Adam got these things in his Easter treats. He thought they were funny. They are!
Misc. shot of Avery enjoying her ramen noodles.
Some shots of the kids with the girls in their new skirts I made for Easter.
 My Guy...
The Flash on my old camera quit working, so it was ind of an excuse to buy a new camera. I LOVE it. I got a new Canon ELPH300, and it has SO many features on it. The "Fish-Eye" is pretty fun...
My favorite thing, is that I can isolate a color & take photos that are mostly black & white with a POP of color. - Cute Baby!
Yes. Laundry. Anyway, this is the pile of Avery's clothes waiting to be sorted & put away. Isn't it cool how the camera can isolate the red/pink colors?
I LOVE this one of Allison.
Cute Adelaide.
The green? It's a little tricky...Lips look a little green.
Cute Girls.
Adam also got to use the weed whacker for the first time. He wasn't thrilled to work, but I think he enjoyed using it.
We had fun at playgroup at the park. Avery loved climbing, but wasn't sure about the slide or the bridge. She didn't like the way she could see through it.
I love this. She came over & sat down to play. She LOVES this guy. Believe it or not, he is only 8mo. old (Avery is 16mo), and he is as big as she is. Oh, well. I just make 'em little. Did you notice her little piggy-tails?
Well, school is almost over & I expect to be very busy. Hopefully, I'll remember to take some time to update things here.


Jess said…
So many exciting things to take pictures of !! I am so jealous of your new camera! McKenna cannot wait to see Mia's earrings!! And I am still so disappointed that we weren't able to be there for the baptism.

BTW it's about time you updated this here blog of yours! ;)

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