My Fun Little Project

Do you ever just ignore those coupons that print out at the grocery store?

I seem to get MORE than my fair share of "$10 off when you change your prescription to ___" coupons. Many times I get coupons for things that I've just purchased (and probably won't need more of before the expiration) and competing or name brands of things I purchase. Sometimes, I get some that say $ of a certain purchase of $ in bread/meat/store brand/etc. Occasionally, I get those coupons for actual $$ off any purchase. Usually, they end up in my pocket or wallet only to be found after it's too late.

Well, recently I received one that I got rather excited about. - I got one from Cub Foods with a code for a free 8" X 8" photobook. I became very excited, because at the very least, we were talking a savings of at least $20 for a softbound book. As I added the code to the site, I was even more surprised to find that it was actually a hard-bound book offer. Wow!

I knew that I'd have to pay shipping. But after having some books printed at Christmas time, I knew that this was a coupon I needed to use NOW.

So, I decided to make a Quiet Book of sorts. I went through all the pictures I had in digital format & selected a TON. I literally crammed as many photos on a page as I thought possible. I ended up keeping things very simple & I love the digital result. I'm hoping the hard-copy will turn out just as good.

I'm not sure why you can't go to full-screen. - If you click the "YouTube" icon, this will open in YouTube with more options. You can then view it larger or full-screen.

The Kids have already been very interested in this project. Because each child has a 2-page spread of just pictures of them, they LOVE to look at those, then go on to others. I am hoping that this will be something that they WE will treasure & look through often.


Jess said…
Looks amazing & what a great coupon! I never cool coupons like that! Color me jealous. :)

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