February Fun

Wow...I don't know what has come over me. I mean 2 posts in one month? Yay ME! Anyway, I just had a few pictures I wanted to share of some fun stuff from the last couple of weeks.

I love this picture of Avery. Somehow, I remember the other 3 girls having a bit more hair around a year, but I was still able to force it into a cute little ponytail on her head. - I heard all kinds of giggles and side-comments about "the cute little baby & her tiny pony on top of her head".
I found some big cinnamon rolls at Sam's Club. My kids really like them...ALL of my kids.
My Valentine made me a new pantry. We took down the stuff out of the tiny coat closet & put up some shelves. - I've filled it right up. So far, it's pretty organized...That probably won't last too long. Either way, I love all the extra space I have now. Thanks Honey!
Allison's birthday was on a Tuesday this year. She asked me why the other kids didn't have school on their birthday. Well, one is in the summer, and another is on a Saturday. She did seem to feel better that Adam will have to go to school on his b-day.
She loves her new Belle Dress & can't wait to spend her gift card from Grandma.
Birthday dinner & fun at McDonald's...What could be better when you're 5?
Pose Much?? I love Mia & her Rock-Star pose.
Birthday Girl!
We Love Daddy!
Avery LOVES chicken nuggets. Not only could I hear her yelling from across the restaurant (while I was ordering), she screamed as I approached the table with our food. Crazy little girl ended up eating 8 (yes EIGHT) chicken nuggets. Wow! Poor thing was obviously StARvinG!
My attempt at an Ice Cream Cake. - Not bad. Crust was a little too hard frozen & my ganache topping was a little too rich, but it was yummy with the Strawberries & Cream ice cream that Allison picked.
This last Saturday was our Ward Temple Day. We thought it would be a great opportunity to take advantage of the off-season deals in Nauvoo. Bryan looked around & ended up settling on the Nauvoo Cabins. At first, the kids were bummed out that we would be in a cabin instead of a hotel. However, they were all surprised & LOVED it.
This is the entryway by the door.
To the left just inside the door.
Upon arrival, Adam immediately "called" the top bunk.
 Adelaide & Amelia shared the loft bed.
Avery kept trying to climb the stairs, but they were steep - more like a ladder. The girls took her up to the loft, but Bryan had to bring her down. Then, she was pretty much cured of trying to climb them.
Adam guarding his spot...
Family Photo-Op
 Nauvoo, IL Temple
My Bookends
 The Middles
Allison was VERY disappointed when we were leaving. She started crying & said she wanted to back to the "wood house". She said that our wood house was even better than a hotel. Silly Girl.

Avery traveled relatively well, but had a couple of meltdowns. - It's OK baby, we'll get out of the car soon.
Overall, we are doing well. I've enjoyed the mild winter & actually hope it continues and that this doesn't mean we're in for a crazy-hot summer. But, let's face it. - It doesn't really matter, because I'll be spending part of the summer in AZ where it'll be even HOTTER.


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