Halloween 2010 - Finally

Well, I haven't been doing anything fun lately, just the usual routine peppered with a few more than normal Dr. appointments. So, finally here are the Halloween pictures from this year. We had lots of fun at the Trunk or Treat. I love Allison's smile. So Cute!Adam was a spider for Trunk or Treat, but then flaked out Halloween & didn't want to wear his arms. Oh Well.Amelia wanted to be the Wicked Witch, but I didn't want to paint her green. I'm glad she settled for "real" makeup instead. Adelaide, I think, just wanted to wear the cute, red dress.I hung around preschool during Allison's Halloween celebration. The kids (and the Big Kid Buddies) dressed up & went trick or treating to classrooms that had signed up to give out candy. The teacher said this was the best advertising for her class she has.
All the preschool kids.
Allison walking with her first buddy.
When the next class came in, they got to go around again. She got a good amount of candy. She couldn't understand why she couldn't stop in the hall & eat it.
Here's what we looked like when we actually went out. I thought it was very clever to have the girls wear their fuzzy sleeper PJ's under their costumes. They didn't fight me too much, when I gave them the option of wearing the jammies under or covering their costumes with coats.


Joyce said…
I love the idea of jammies under costumes. That makes one less clothes change at the end of the day.
Roy said…
Cute pics. Boy I've sure got some cute grandkids! No brag, just fact.

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