Back-2-School Again...

I DO realize that it is the middle of September, and I have not taken time to post back to school shots of the kids. We've been living & adjusting, merging our new schedules with our old schedules. Adam is in 6th grade now, which is at the Junior High. I was a little worried for him, just because it's hard to juggle 7-8 different subjects with 6-7 different teachers. So far, he seems to be very responsible & doing very well.
Amelia is now in 1st grade, and Adelaide began Kindergarten. Mia loves school and is doing very well.
Every Monday, there is an assembly where the Principal talks to the kids, acknowledges birthdays, etc. The kids seem to really like it. On the first day, I had to stay with Adelaide, but I still managed to snap a photo of Mia in her class.Kindergarten only had school for 1 hour on the 1st day. It was more of an orientation / come drop off your supplies kind of day. I love how she's ready to get to work. Too bad you have to wait.Adelaide & her teacher.She was very excited about her little goodie-bag from her teacher.The girls were disappointed that I drove them to school the first day. They were excited to ride the bus, so they were in a hurry to get down to their stop.They sure LOOK like friends...Truth is, they fight as much as they get along.My 3 little Ladies...Allison is attending a speech proram this year. She was SO excited to go see her classroom.
Her teachers...Allison is in Speech preschool 2 afternoons a week, and she seems to really like it. Here we are waiting for the short bus to pick her up.She's SO little to be climbing up onto the school bus. She does well, but usually falls asleep on her bus-ride home.This is just silly...The girls decided they would BOTH wear daddy's t-shirt & lounge pants.Labor Day, we went to the picnic with friends from our ward & the other ward here in town. I spent MOST of the picnic hanging out chatting with MY friends. I did, however, manage to snap a few cute photos of the kids. Amelia & her friend are in the same Primary class, and now are in the same 1st grade class. It's great, because both girls lost their buddies from last year who ended up going to different schools.Adelaide is back for ANOTHER dessert.Last week, I decided I needed apples & that I needed to make a trip to the apple orchard. So, I called a couple of my friends to see if they want to go, and off we went. I had to stop for gas & a drink. When Allison came out with my friend, she was loaded with candy. She loved that she could have a lollipop in each hand and go back & forth between flavors.Sitting in the wagon for a ride.Our purchases...We ended up with 1-1/2 bushels of apples, spaghetti, butternut & carnival squash and 2 gallons of apple cider. Yum! Some pics of Mommy & Allison Our favorite little friend lately...Peek-a-Boo!This week, Allison also started her morning preschool. This is the same one that both of the other girls went to at the high school. She had a blast!She couldn't wait to ditch me. And, for Katy (because she asked) here's a picture of myself. We are now at 27 weeks & counting down. The baby will be here soon, I just wish it was sooner.In the meantime, I'm keeping busy with my calling in Young Women's & volunteering in the school library once a week, getting Adam to scouts, getting everyone to school & I'm trying to make it to the gym a bit. Generally, I'd say it's good to have a crazy life.


normal mom said…
Great pictures! I love the one of our girls together. You are doing great!
AndieF said…
Love all the great pics! You are one busy woman! You look much more pregnant from the side than straight on. When I saw you at church last week, I remember thinking that you were so tiny for being 6 months along!
Midwest Keech said…
Yup, I'm gonna get bigger still...I think it helps that I bought some maternity clothes. I've been feeling very frumpy lately. I mean, I took a year to lose 40#, so I feel like I've been looking like I've been gaining weight back.
Muche said…
Great update post :) You look great Kim! Your kiddos looks so sweet and are beautiful AND you live where you can enjoy summer and fall coming up (107 here today, yuck).
Love ya

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