Baby Plans

So, the time is quickly approaching when our little blessing will be here. I'm sure it's that I'm nesting, but probably a little of my "grand plans" always popping up in the form of "projects". Well, I finished ONE project. I made several very cute blankets. They are flannel & about a yard, which is a good size. I love the way they turned out, and each has it's own look about it.I love ladybugs for little girls. I actually let Mia & Adelaide choose between red or black for the backing. I think it's awesome with the black ric rac.This is probably the simplest blankie, but still very cute.I think this may be my favorite. I love the contrast of the yellow ric rac & the fabrics.
This is the fabric Allison picked out. I had a hard time convincing her that it was for the baby. She had such a hard time, I had to buy a little extra so I can make her a matching fairy pillowcase. Then her pillow will match the baby's blankie. Such cute fabric!
I love the edging on this one. It is a leaf pattern. Cute!Another exciting thing has been accomplished...We bought a new car seat / stroller combo. I think I'll really like it. For one thing, it's cute.For another thing, this is a Graco Flip-It. The stroller handle can flip from the front to the back, etc.
I also really liked that when it folds, it comes UP. Most strollers I've had fold easily, but I end up having to pick them up off the ground.
Today, after I dropped Allison off at preschool, I went to run my errands. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was forgetting someone, or that someone was missing. It was very strange, but I guess I'm just being prepared ahead of time. You know, I wouldn't want to leave the car seat in the shopping cart, or leave the baby in the house when I leave to run errands. So there's HOPE for me, right?


Jess said…
I knew that fabric you picked out would make the cutest little blankies. And I LOVE the actually a little jealous! LOL
Stacey said…
LOVE the blankets!!!
Muche said…
Very nice stroller! I think the more babies we have, the more picky we become, huh :)))) Love the blankets, I'll have to try to convice Reed (again) to have a baby girl just for the pink blankets!

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