Spring is Spring-ing!

Here are some pictures we took this weekend of the kids...This was quite a bit more difficult than I anticipated. We did get a few good shots & plenty of "close...but NO" pictures.
It was quite windy, which made it a little more difficult. Not to mention that EVERY one of them complained about the sun. Go figure.
Here are some misc. silly & sweet photos too. Allison & Adelaide watching TV. Sweet.Adam posing for me to pop a photo. Silly.Um, Silly.Sweet? Even with the boogers?Psycho-Smile? Silly.Allison...Silly.


corn fed girl said…
So funny! I love the "aaah the sun! It's burning my eyessss" look. It's like they have been living under a rock for the winter....oh wait...we have! What is that burning orb? It's so...bright...it scares me!
Blackson family said…
I love the Easter pictures of your children, they are handsome & adorable. They sure grow up way too quick!
Sarielou said…
Very sweet and silly! I love Adelaide's hair! VERY CUTE!!!!
Mary said…
The pictures are wonderful -- way better than "perfect" ones!
You have such cute kids! Even with the boogies! :-)
Jess said…
This is the real reason professional photographers make such good money. It is almost impossible to get all 4 kids to look the same direction & all look happy at the same time. LOL

But the pics still turned out so cute!!

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