Conversations with Adelaide

Adelaide is SO funny sometimes. She is very observant & thoughtful. I think she's a little sponge absorbing everything she hears & sees. Church is one place she absorbs LOTS of info. She really is very thoughtful. She seems to hear/see things and ponder them for a time, before asking questions or sharing the things that she has learned.

Easter was on General Conference weekend & this last Sunday was our Stake conference, so it's actually been more than 2 weeks since she had her Primary lesson on Easter. Today, we had a couple of very cute conversations that went something like this:

A: "Mom, when I die...Will they put me in a tube?"
Me: "What?" (Trying to figure out if I heard her right)
A: "The people put Jesus in a tube, and then he got resurrected. Will I get in a tube?"
Me: "Jesus was put in a tomb, but when you or I die, we'll get buried."
A: "And then we'll get resurrected?"

About that time, she jumped to a new subject (just like a 4yr old), but about an hour later, she came back with:
A: "Mom, will I have spices when I die?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
A: "My teachers said that Jesus' friends brought spices to him in the tomb."
Me: "Yes, the spices were to make him smell better."
A: "He smelled yucky?"
Me: "When you die, you don't smell good."
A: "Will I have spices?"
Me: "Kind of...yes."

Adelaide cracks me up sometimes. She's ALWAYS thinking...I know, because she's usually talking. So smart!


Mary said…
That is so cute! You know when we tell the kids these stories we aren't thinking about how literally they take everything and how shocked, in a way, they are about it because we have heard those stories so many times. Her fresh perspective is so sweet.
Jess said…
Beautiful! I love having talks w/ little kids! So precious!!
So super cute! It is fun to hear how kids articulate the things they hear! Fun! Ok, so weird side note: the word verification is HOLYCUL for this! LOL
Jen said…
That's pretty darn funny! She's pretty smart. I don't know that my kids would have even been paying attention to the teacher in the first place.

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