Yesterday, Daddy was privileged to accompany me & 3 small girls to the dentist. (I'll save all the details for another post...let's just say, I can't be 2 or 3 places @ once, no matter how confident the dentist's office is in their scheduling.)

As we were sitting in the waiting room for the 10+ minutes past Amelia's scheduled appt time (+ the 15 we arrived early), Allison started becoming restless (go figure). Even with Monsters Inc. to watch, there was still climbing on chair & tables to be done. At one point, after I told her to stop pulling on Adelaide & not to climb on me, she looks at me & mumbles something (she's very hard to understand a lot of the time). Then, pretty clearly says, "I hate you, mom."

I reply with, "I'm sorry."

Allison says, "I hate you, mom." Then, leaning over to dad..."I love, dad."

I wasn't destroyed or anything. I mean, she's 3 & I'm sure this won't be the last time she's says she hates me. It's just the first time I've heard it from her. Ah, so it begins.


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