March Mayhem

As if March weren't already the craziest, busiest month for me...I went & made it WORSE. Tomorrow marks 2 weeks that Allison & I have been potty training. I say "Allison & I", because that is very much how I feel. After 2 weeks, I am trained. Allison? Well, she's progressing. My regular routine seems very full (because I like it that way, generally), with home obligations, preschool for Adelaide, going to the gym, church callings, etc. So, finding a time to begin training Allison was a little tricky. Well, my very-good friend asked me to watch her son during the day while her hubby was working, so she could go home to visit her mom. It turned out to be a great opportunity to begin training.
She's doing pretty well, but still having lots of accidents. She won't TELL me that she needs to go, and if I ask her...the answer is YES. The answer is always yes...even when it is NO. Let's just say that she's enjoying the independence of stripping off her clothes & climbing on the potty, only to sit there a minute (usually less) and hop right back down again. I guess you could say that she's potty training, and I'm practicing PATIENCE.I love the look on her face. Can you believe my 3yr old rolls her eyes @ me?? I am in trouble with this one. Let me tell you...One night, I got ambitious & put foam rollers in the girls' hair before bed. Aren't they cute?
Allison made me take her rollers out before she went to sleep, but the other 2 slept on theirs all night. They loved the results.
She's so cheesy...Photogenic, huh?
My 3 little ladies.
Another crazy thing I did, was take Allison & Adelaide to the doctor. I THOUGHT it would save time & energy if I doubled-up and did 2 appointments at once. Well, maybe not. It was INSANE! Both girls climbing everywhere. Adelaide was on an emotional roller coaster, because she knew she was getting shots.
Allison got bored & upset that she couldn't climb up onto the table with Adelaide.
The only distraction that worked?? Latex Glove Balloons.
Well, March is flying by at an alarming rate. Other that potty training & well-checks, I took Allison to the Audiologist to get her hearing tested. I know her speech is delayed, but I guess that is the first step to getting help. Well, her ears & hearing are fine. I still don't know what to do next, so I have to call her dr. again. Yippee.

What else? Hmmm...Amelia got a filling. That was interesting. She was very upset when she thought she wouldn't be going to school. I took her to school after her appointment. I walked her to class, because I wanted to to give her teacher a head's-up that Mia had a little Nitrous Oxide, and that she was a little "MELLOW". It was quite funny. She was pretty spacey. Poor thing.

In addition to all this insanity this week, we've passed around the sick-o's. Adelaide was sick Monday. Bryan & Allison ended up sick on Tuesday. Amelia & Adam started Wednesday evening through Thursday. And I don't really recall much from Friday, because I spent the entire day in my bed. Bryan didn't even go into work this week, because he was either sick or helping out with the sick-o's. Thankfully, we all went to church today & hopefully didn't share or catch anything else that we'll pass around.


The Queen Bee said…
Well, this very good friend is VERY grateful! Hope the training goes well!
Muche said…
Love the pictures or your girls! Keep'em coming!

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