Dental Adventures

Allison's 1st Dentist Appointment - Can you see her ON TOP of the table?
I am having a hard time lately, scheduling appointments. I mean, I schedule 2 (or more) kids together, to save me a trip. BUT, it seems that this backfires on me. I mean, I only have to make 1 trip, but the kids make up for it by being naughty or just bouncing off the walls. Any advice? Will they grow out of it? I hope so.Brushing with brand new toothbrushes.
Stylish, don't you think?
She can't wait until her turn. I don't know when the dentist will come. Be patient...
Bored...Let me entertain you.Yes, yes...You too.She was very good, even when she had to do an x-ray. I don't think she could've lifted that lead apron if she wanted to.
Good GirlSo, WHEN do I have to do this again?? Oh, did I mention that Amelia was in the other room (Bryan too) getting a filling? Yeah...a little OVER-scheduled.


Jess said…
What cute pictures!! I love those kids of yours!
Muche said…
Been there, done that! I schedule all 3 kids, then go crazy, while the last one poops his pants to top it all! It will get better when they can drive themselves there, pay with their own insurance that they get with their own jobs, then drive back to their own house, while I babysit their cute little kiddos and then give them back, right :))

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