Biker Babe

Monday, I was cleaning the kitchen. Daddy was painting & working on door trim outside. The kids were playing outside & having a blast with the neighbor kids that hang around. I think they came in for a drink-break, and Mia casually mentioned that she could ride her bike now. Bryan took her training wheels off in the fall (before it was too cold to go out). Well, she has wanted to ride, but ONLY with a parent (mostly daddy) holding her up by the bike seat. I went out with her one day, but she got VERY mad at me. - I kept letting go, to give her an idea of how she needed to balance and/or catch herself before falling over. I guess she just decided to give it a shot on her own. I was AMAZED! You GO GIRL! I even got it on VIDEO!


Jen said…
Porter just learned how to ride his bike without the training wheels also. It just took about 30min of determination and the security of a big, soft, grassy area to finally figure it out. Of course, he's had the training wheels off for a few months now without any luck. But when he got it, he got it. Congrats to Mia!
Jess said…
That is AWESOME!!! Way to Go MIA!!!

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