Adam's Birthday Fun

Last year, I made a big deal out of birthdays & let the kids have some parties. Well, this year I wasn't really up-for-it. I did however, invite our friends (the Cowands) to spend time with us. Jessica Cowand is one of my oldest, best friends. We went to high school together & she knows where all the bodies are buried. The Cowands moved from AZ to St. Louis in January, and I'm very excited to have them much closer. Jessica drove up with her 4 kids (hubby had to work), and spent Friday & Saturday with us. Friday night, Jessica & I actually snuck away on a girls' night with some other ladies. We left my 4, Jessica's 4 & 4 Clark children with 2 dads. They rock! - What great guys. Here are some misc. pictures of our visit.Adam & Kieran spent a lot of time on the computer or some sort of video games...lots of Nintendo DS.Liam had a fun time playing too. My girls loved hugging on him.Mia & McKennaCute little NolanThis is the absolute yummiest cake! You can get the recipe here. Happy 11th Birthday! We celebrated Adam's birthday on Saturday, and had hamburgers & hot dogs. But, his actual birthday was on Sunday. I decided to still try to make it a little special. We had Butterscotch Rolls for breakfast, and Adam ASKED for beef stew for dinner. - You know..."Like the kind we have when we go camping?" Yup.All in all, I think he had a pretty good birthday.


Jess said…
We had a TOTAL BLAST with you guys! Thanks so much for including us!! That cake was to die for!! Did ya have to describe me as your OLDEST best friend?!?! Come On! LOL Love you too Miss Kimmie!

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