Warm Arizona Christmas

We had a great time in sunny, warm Arizona for Christmas. We stayed with Bryan's brother, Alan, and his family. It was nice to spend time with them, because I feel like we sometimes don't get to see them as much. At some point, we had to go to see Grandma's new "puppy". First, the back-story...My BIL (brother in law), while living at home, got a DOG. This dog is a bloodhound named Jackpot. Well, Jackpot stayed @ my MIL's house when her son's moved out. Jackpot is a full-grown blood hound & quite big. I guess the plan is to move him after my BIL puts grass in his backyard. In the meantime, my MIL decided that Jackpot was lonely & needed a friend...Enter Roxy, her "puppy". She really is still a puppy at only 4 months, but as you can see, she's already a good size - Especially for my scaredy-cat little girls. Allison, however, seems to be an animal lover. She loved seeing the dog, and was only concerned that Roxy wanted her candy cane. After meeting Roxy, some of the kids wanted to go out back to see Jackpot. Well, Allison was lingering near the door & Jackpot snatched her baby. Talk About DRAMA! Bryan had to pry the dog's mouth open to get it back, muddy & covered in drool. Poor Allison. Jackpot thought it was just another of "his" stuffed toys to play with.
This is Bucky who lives @ Alan's house. Poor thing...Allison just LOVED him too much. She hugged him. She kissed him. She jumped on him. I love this picture! I swear they both have the same one-eyed pirate smile.Another fun activity we did, was ROLLER SKATING! So Fun! Adam was not thrilled at the beginning, because he hasn't had much experience rollerskating. He was a good sport & kept trying.This was the first time for Amelia, Adelaide & Allison. Amelia & Adelaide loved it. Allison? Not so much.
Keech Family Picture
My SIL came up with the great idea of getting a bounce house for the kids. The kids had so much fun & it ended up being a great value. The guy brought it out & dropped it off on Christmas Eve morning. He was supposed to come later that evening to pick it up, but called & said he'd come the next day (on Christmas?). Well, he didn't come on Christmas and ended up leaving the bounce house until the day after Christmas. So, we got this thing for 2 whole days for our $85. So great!
The kids (and some of us Adults) had fun in the Moon Bounce.Can you tell he's humoring me??
Allison loved her Dora doll. She kept changing her clothes over & over. So cute!
Amelia was VERY excited about he fake nails. Beautiful!
Her Highness...Princess Adelaide -
Christmas morning - Allison seeing the dress-up dress from Santa.Before the AM festivities.We enjoyed playing Singstar @ Katy & Dustin's house. I had more fun than I thought I would doing Karaoke. Rock ON Bry!Allison wanted her turn too...well, she can pretend in-between performances.Griffin ADORES my girls, can you tell? He definitely misses his cousins. Poor guy got teary when it was time to say goodbye. We miss you guys too!


Muche's Smala said…
I LOVE the picture of the dog and your little one, so hillarious!!! Too bad we couldn't get together this time, hopefully next time I won't get the flu!!! Happy New year to you guys!

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