MAJOR Catch Up!

Well, I've become a victim of my life again, and have gotten caught up in the day-to-day activities. Yup, I haven't updated the blog in OVER 2 Months! Too bad this doesn't mean we've been living an un-eventful life. Here is a page that I did using the halloween pics I took this year. Adam came up with his own ninja costume & I bought him some cool swords. I actually got ambitious this year & made the girls' costumes. I was looking at a pattern (for dress-up clothes), and the girls decided that they BOTH wanted to be Rapunzel. - Therefore, the Rapunzel Twins were born, at least that's what they started calling themselves. I love how they turned out. Cute!
For Thanksgiving, this year, we drove to Utah to spend the holiday with my parents & siblings. We had lots of fun with family. We took the kids to Temple Square. It was fun to see the girls point to the temple & know that they recognized it from pictures. I also loved spending the day wandering IKEA...I love that place. And, of course, we did some Black Friday shopping. What did we get?? Coats for the family...Yay!
What else? Hmm...oh, we met my new little niece. She's 1 & she hated me. No, really. She would choose ANYONE over me. It was sad, but actually pretty funny. My favorite was when I told my brother that I would feed her the bottle before bed. He made the bottle & tossed it to me. She looked at me, looked at her dad, looked back at me & BURST into tears. It was SO cute & pathetic. I DID finally win her over (on our last night). I had a sheet that I kept flipping up & over her & her brother. Even after I stopped, she brought me another sheet for the couch. After that she was fine. She is adorable. The other thing I thought was hysterical, was that she & her (almost 3) brother would wrestle with each other. She would tackle him & sit on him or he would push her over & tickle her. They both would giggle the whole time. Too CUTE!
The last couple of years, we've had our YW do secret santas for each other. Then we have a Christmas dinner & reveal our secret santas. This year, instead of doing a turkey dinner, we did something "cultural". One of our presidency, served her mission in Switzerland and suggested we have a Rachlette. It was so fun & yummy too. I enjoyed it so much, I borrowed one of her rachlettes & made some @ home with the family.OK, so basically it is potatoes with stuff on them. You take potatoes & put pineapple & bacon on them. Then, you melt cheese in the little pans & pour it over your potatoes. You eat, melt more cheese & eat some more. I was rather surprised at the response from the kids. Adam (who doesn't really like cheese well) tried all the different cheeses (swiss, pepper jack, colby-jack, cheddar) at least once. He actually said that he liked it too...WOW. Adelaide loved melting the cheese, but only ate pineapple, bacon and un-melted cheese.
Amelia LOVED everything. She was able to melt her own cheese & pour/scrape it out all by herself. She just kept going back for more over & over. SUCCESS!
Allison?? Well, she ate no pineapple... She ate CHEESE...un-melted, of course. Cheesey Smile from a CHEESEY Girl!
The kids got to go see Santa @ State Farm again this year. They got some fun gifts from Santa & I got some cute pictures...even if Adam WAS a tad un-cooperative.
Gotta love this penguin!
How about this Elf?
Did I mention Adam was uncooperative??

I know I still have to post my pictures from Christmas, but that'll wait a little longer. Enjoy!


Jen said…
Your costumes did turn out very cute. And I can totally relate on being out of it for a while in the blogging world. I need to do a recap soon and move on. Fun to see pics of your family again!
Muche's Smala said…
We have our own Raclette here, I have a machine thingy, it is my favorite meal ever, altough we don't quite do it the same way, you must have americanized yours ;)

Ok, random but the word verification I need to type is "bralike", what????? I am supportive and dependable, very bralike!

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