The Haunted Trail

This year, we went to the Haunted Trail (a couple weeks ago).

There is a Nature (?) Trail that meanders through part of town. People walk, run & bike on this paved pathway. For Halloween, the town closes a portion so it can be decorated with displays & spooky things that transform it into the Haunted Trail. It is similar to going to a haunted house. The first weekend, they do a not-so-scary trail that is more kid/family friendly.
We parked & rode a little shuttle bus over to the festivities. Then, we had to WAIT in line. It wasn't too bad, but it's always hard for kids to wait.It was a little chilly. When we left, I think I underestimated how chilly. We were OK in our sweatshirts, but I was worried about the kids being cold. Next year, we wear the big coats.The kids were entertained for quite a while by the little "Tiger" behind us in line.
Finally, it was OUR turn. I carried Allison, while the other 2 girls held daddy's hand. Allison just stared wide-eyed at everything as I talked to her. Amelia CRIED! She kept talking about wanting to go back, but we could only go forward. Bryan said that Adelaide held his hand, then held onto his wrist with the other. Poor girl. Adam walked with us like it was no-big-deal (it wasn't - NONE of the ghouls jump out, grab you or follow you on kids' night). The best part was where Adam was walking backwards and turned around, just as he came up to a mummy standing beside it's sarcophagus. SO FUNNY! He was startled & jumped SO high. We finally came to the end, where they had hot cocoa & face painting. I think Adam drank 5 or 6 cups of cocoa. Crazy. The girls got their faces painted, which made them quickly forget their terrifying trail experience.The lady had some people helping her. They painted the "base", then the kids sat & waited their turns. It went REALLY quick. We even convinced Allison to get painted too.
Amelia Kitty
Adelaide ButterflyAllison Butterfly


Pendragon said…
cute little butterflies! :) seems like fun. i miss the more town atmosphere of some of the places we've lived (bullhead NOT included)

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