Nauvoo Pageant

I know it ended a LONG time ago, but we had a fun time this year at the Nauvoo Pageant. Bryan volunteered to help with security when our ward helped, so we made a day of it & took the whole family. It was pretty fun, even though the kids were convinced they would be bored & that they would have a horrible time. The gardens by the visitors' center were so beautiful that I HAD to take pictures of the kids. I love how they came out.

AllisonAmeliaAdam was a little more difficult...he didn't want his picture in front of the flowers. I think this is an acceptable compromise.All My Little MonstersAdam - Outside the Brick Yard. These kids will climb on anything.We brought a picnic dinner to have - Good 'ol PB & J. The girls had a great time with the Bugles - Dinner AND a Show.
Monkey SEE, Monkey DO.We staked out some seats for the show, but we had a little while before the pre-show activities started. I had some of those fruit roll up Stickers. The kids loved them, but why do they all stick them to their face?I think that Amelia put ALL of her fruit stickers on her face. She must have taken too long to eat them off, because she was left with a blue moustache.
We went over to watch people dance, but some lovely young women came & swept away my girls. They had a WONDERFUL time dancing! It was so fun watching them smile & giggle while they danced. It was great.
Adam wasn't thrilled about the dancing, but he liked using Dad's camcorder.Aren't they cute??After the dancing, Adam wanted to go play stick-ball. He even got a turn to pitch.Daddy missed a lot of the fun while he was doing security, but the kids & I had a great time.This picture is so funny to me. I just look at each little expression, and see their personality. We enjoyed the pageant, even though it was a very late evening. I'm glad we went.


We missed going to the pageant this year. I missed it! It is so fun! I love that pic at the bottom too. I will include you in the fact that ALL your personalities shine through! Great pic of the girls!

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