Last week, I had to take Adelaide to the dentist. She did AWESOME at the dentist's office, especially for a 4 year old. Well, you know how it is when you're numbed up. - You cannot feel a thing. I told Adelaide multiple times to be careful...don't bite your lip...don't bit your tongue...Well, she did anyway. We went to Steak & Shake to get a milkshake, and I noticed her chewing. I asked if she had something in her mouth. NO! She was gnawing on her tongue. I told her to stop, but noticed that she continued. She would only stop after I blotted her tongue with a napkin to show her the blood. Poor thing. She had a HORRIBLE, ugly looking sore. These pictures were 2 days later & it looks NASTY.I was worried about infection, so I took Adelaide with me when I took Amelia to her dentist appt. The dentist said it was ugly, but unless she was running a fever, she'd most likely be fine. Well, she's pretty well healed now. I'm glad she can go back to eating what she wants & not complaining about the food hurting her tongue.


You are right that is GROSS!! Poor girl!! I hate it when my mouth is numb from all that. I once ate a frosty right after I had some dental stuff done. Well......... more of my frosty was dripping down my face because I couldn't feel it! Bwaahaa!

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