Brand New School Year

This year, Mia started Kindergarten. She loves school (even after a couple weeks). She still has a hard time not feeling left-out if she knows that we (Adelaide, Allison & I) are doing something while she's at school, even if it's going to the doctor or visiting teaching.I love taking Back-to-School pictures. It's so fun to see how they grow & change from year to year. Sometimes, it happens without me realizing it.A RARE moment between these 2...Amelia only had school for 1 hour on the 1st day, AND they had to have a parent come with them. Mornings start with morning assembly in the gym, where the principal can motivate them & get them going in the morning. Isn't she cute?? She's such a big girl.We put away all her supplies & found Mia's seat. She couldn't wait to come back & start learning.Amelia's teacher seems very nice & excited to begin a new year. Hey, she teaches Kindergarten...She has to be perky & peppy, don't you think?Amelia has been VERY excited about riding the bus like a "Big Kid". We're trying a different stop this year, but it seems to work a lot better for us. Adam used to have to walk to the next street & down about 10 houses to the end. Now, they just walk up to the next street. They do have to cross the kind-of busy road, but they watch the driver & cross when she has stopped traffic.


Mom said…
It is hard to see them grow up, but it is also a relief. We are settling into a routine of sorts too. Enjoy the journey. Love ya.

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