Miss Jessie Would be so proud...

I have a friend...Jessica. I know I've mentioned her before, probably many times. We were fortunate to spend some time with her & her family while we were in AZ in June. What I may not have mentioned, is that she is totally & completely OCD. When she gets upset, she gets down & takes a toothbrush to the kitchen floor. I have always teased her about being a "neat freak". We were quite a pair...her being a total clean nut (mostly her dad's doing, long story), and me kind of a sloppy joe. This last week, while planning for a baby shower, I did LOTS of cleaning & organizing. Aren't you proud Miss Jessica? The house was very clean. Well, for about 5 minutes until we lived in it. You know how it is. I did want to share some fun pics that I took this week.

The kids sit on the stools @ the counter. They are pretty sloppy, and drop lots of stuff sometimes. The floor gets quite sticky & dirty. I have been trying to find a way to make them more aware of the messes that they make. I made the girls scrub the floor. I gave Amelia & Adelaide warm, wet rags. Allison wanted to help too, so I got another.
Another project I accomplished, was my photo-wall. I got out all the family photos that I had in a folder and printed some others that were more recent from my files. I went to Walmart & bought a bunch of black frames.
Altogether, I think I ended up with 19-20 pictures on the wall. It was hard to get a picture, but I absolutely LOVE the finished look. I can't help but smile everytime I walk by. LOVE it!
One more thing we've done lately is go to the eye doctor. I needed an exam (because it's been a while) for new contacts & glasses, and Amelia needed an exam for her Kindergarten registration. Isn't she cute? She was so excited, and she was very good.


Jess said…
LOL I LOVE that you had the girls clean the floor!!! Oh how many times I have tried that trick but that darn OCD just makes me clean it again when they are done! LOL

I think the photo wall is gorgeous!! I would be tickled pink everytime I walked past it as well. Good job Miss Kimmie!! You rock!
Muche's Smala said…
Love the three Cinderella's on the floor ;)

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