Ba-BEE Shower

A friend of mine helped me throw a baby shower for another dear friend, Syndy, who is expecting her 4th child. They've had some trouble (as many of us have), so this baby is a great blessing. Her family is in California, and mine is in AZ, so this may be one of the things that help bind us together. Anyway...She loves bees. She's terrified of getting stung by actual bees, but she collects pretty much anything with bees on it.

Long story short, I was not inspired by any of the baby shower decor @ the party store, so I went with a bee-theme...LOTS of yellow & black. I had lots of fun. We had lots of food, most I picked up from Sam's - bruschetta, mini-quiche, creme puffs, cheese & crackers, veggies, fruit & cupcakes. It was lots of fun to eat, visit & play a few games. For party favors, we made some very cute bees. I cut out the yellow felt, added black felt stripes, tulle wings & pipe cleaner antenae & stinger. I glued a clothespin & magnet on the back. I love how they turned out.My girls were so excited to see all the bees on our fridge. What do ya think?


Jen said…
That is a really cute idea for a baby shower!! And I LOVE the bee magnet party favors. Super Cute!! I bet she loved it!
Jess said…
What cute bees!!! You are so creative! I never would have thought to do something like that!! I bet she loved the whole thing!

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