Haircuts X 3

Allison's hair needed to be cut. I was a bit sad, because her hair had curls at the bottom. But, the different lengths in her hair made it look shaggy. Well, my strategy was to have the other 2 girls sit & get their hair trimmed before making Allison get hers cut. Amelia sat very well. I guess Adelaide was too tall or short (not sure) sitting on the booster, so the lady sat on the floor & trimmed her hair. Weird. But, she was excellent also.This is what my baby's hair looked like before the haircut.She did REALLY good. She sat very still and cooperated very well. What a Big Girl!Here are our "AFTER" pictures. What great looking little girls.


Jess said…
She cut her hair standing up? WOw now that is one talented hairstylist! Cute pics! Allison has the best smiles!
Midwest Keech said…
Yeah, the same stylist cut Allison's hair standing up too. She really was very good, but I was sad to cut the curlies off the bottom. Although she still has this very cute flip still. I guess I should also be thankful that it was MY decision to go to the hair place and that no one disfigured anyone else first. lol

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