4th of July...OK... the 7th of July.

This year, it rained most of the day on the Fourth. We had plans to go to the Clarks for dessert & a bonfire, but alas, their pit was flooded. No worries. They were nice enough to let us come over anyway. We had yummy desserts & the kids played & kept themselves occupied (with the exception of the more-than-occasional spat). We did light a few sparklers, but it was really cold, so we didn't stay outside long. Instead, I saved our sparklers & smoke bombs until Adam got home (and Grandma & Grandpa were here). It ended up being the 7th when we played with our fireworks. I'm sure it was probably illegal by then, but WHATEVER. We had fun anyway.

Isn't she cute?

I can usually count on Mia for a smile.
This year, I ONLY got sparklers & smoke bombs. I figured that the kids liked the sparklers, so I got extra. They LOVED running around the yard holding the smoke bombs. - They loved their smoke trails.Adam & Jimmy were trying to combine different colors of smoke. It kind-of worked.How cute are these guys??Smile Mia!OK, so I was trying to take Bry's picture & he was being un-cooperative (go figure). He wouldn't smile when it was sparkling, then he wouldn't put the burnt-out piece of wire down for a nice pic. This is what I got. - I LAUGHED so hard! I think it TOTALLY looks like he's poking it into Adam's nose! SO FUNNY! Ok, maybe I'm just REALLY tired.

We're glad to have Adam home with us.


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