How Sad...

The girls attended preschool this year @ a local high school. They have LOVED all the activities & friends. I'm sure they also liked the time spent with someone other than Allison & I too. I know that I am sad that preschool is over...

Murphy was a great big-kid buddy.Lauren was their other big-kid buddy. I think she HAD to carry Adelaide out to the car EVERY single time.We will also miss Jenny. She's in our ward, but she is graduating & going to BYU Idaho. Good Luck!
I am happy for summer, but I can't wait for preschool to come around again.


Jess said…
I am looking forward and yet dreading this next school year. McKenna will go off to Kinder and Nolan is all signed up for preschool 2 days a week for 2 1/2 hours each day. What will I do without my babies? And yet I look forward to days of peace & quiet. See? Completely torn in two on this one.

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