Princess Tea Party

For Amelia's birthday, we had a princess tea party. We even had a fireman & Spiderman join the mix. Aren't they just too cute?
The 1st thing we did, was let each kid decorate a crown. I had a bunch of foam stickers to use. The kids had fun making each crown unique.
I love the look on Adelaide's face...she wants to know when they get to eat. (Can you see Allison trying to put her blue crown on upside down?)
Even Allison got to Dress-Up. She was too funny running around saying "Pree-Pree". Which is either "princess" or "pretty-pretty".
We had quite a turn-out. I think they're just SO cute!Our other activity was that they got to decorate their own teacup with permanent markers.
I played-up the princess theme with strawberry & rasperry cream cheese sandwiches in crown & slipper shapes (I had cute cookie cutters). We had Chocolate Milk for our "tea". We also had chicken salad on crackers, carrots, grapes, marshmallows, popcorn & cheese cubes. They all ate happily.
I guess I just didn't think about how old she was, or maybe it was because the cupcake was a triangle...but, I only put in 3 candles. I'm a dork, but it didn't even occur to me until I was laying in bed that night going to sleep. I know. - I'm weird.I love the "Huddle".

I think everyone had a good time. I know my girls did. Some of the moms hung around, and I was grateful for the help. Thanks to everyone!


Mary said…
That party looks awesome! Everyone looks very entertained.

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