Blue & Gold Banquet

A couple of weeks ago, the cub scouts had their Blue & Gold Banquet. As a tradition, the scouts decorate cakes (which end up being dessert). This year's theme was the ABC's of America. There were so many fun cakes. There was a baseball cake. One was frosted to look like a T-bone steak, complete with grill marks (chocolate syrup). Adam had a hard time focussing on figuring out what he wanted, so we ended up finishing very last-minute.

I made homemade frosting so we could color it & use a decorator bag to decorate the cake. It was so easy & yummy. Here's the recipe. Everyone got in on the fun. The girls got to lick the bowls & spoons.We messed up a little and had to scrape some of the frosting off. - Hence, the big spoonful of multi-colored frosting on Mia's spoon.Adam really liked using the decorator bags. It took him a little while to get the hang of it. I think it was a little harder than he initially thought it would be.With dad's help, Adam had a pretty good flag cake.Adam is turning 10 soon, and will be moving on to Weblos. He has almost earned his Bear. At the meeting, he was excited to get 3 beads for his progress toward ranks.At the end, the boys were able to cut & serve their cake to everyone (who came to try some). Ours was delicious, and I shared a piece with Allison. You should have seen the piles of desserts that Bry & the kids ended up with.
P.S. Avoid getting paste dye (the kind used for frosting) on you. My fingers were blue for days. And, the girls' mouths were still red and blue the next day.


I am so looking forward to my boys being in Cub Scouts and then Scouts. It looks like you guys had fun! Adam did an excellent job decorating his flag cake. I learned recently that it is not easy to decorate a cake and also that I am plain out not that good at it! hehehehe!
Jess said…
Hmmmm that cake looks nummy! Can you send me a piece? I'll send you the soda bread if you send me a piece of cake? he he

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