Adam's Birthday

Adam had his 10th birthday. Can you believe it?? It's crazy. This year, he begged to have a sleep-over, but I haven't really decided if we "do" sleep-overs yet. Anyway, we had a "late night" instead. We ended up with 8 additional boys ages 7-10. They ate pizza, chips, popcorn and drank lots of soda. A few of them brought extra controllers for the Wii & the Gamecube, so SEVERAL played at once. I think they had a good time.For the most part, the girls remained sequestered upstairs in my room. (Except when they escaped to come get some more food.) Aunt Katy sent Amelia 2 Barbie movies for her birthday, so they watched them.They were really good & got to stay up late too. The boys stayed until 10pm. - We put the girls in their room about 9-ish.

Adam decided he wanted brownies instead of a traditional cake. Here, Adelaide wants to make sure we know which ice cream she wants.I find it hysterical that no matter how old kids are, they all huddle around the birthday kid & want to "help" open the presents.Adam was thrilled to play with the new things he got from his friends. Thanks so much. I hope everyone had a great time.


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