We've had some snow! The kids love it. Here are the girls getting ready to go out.
Adam went out & started shoveling the walkway. He made a pathway that is a shovel-width. Not too bad for a kid.
Poor's just too cold & slippery for her. After less than 5 minutes, she's DONE.
Adam was a little snowball-happy. Poor guy. He WON'T understand that the girls & I don't want to get hit with snowballs. It's not a fair-fight if they can't make snowballs & throw them like he can.
I tried to take some more pics of the kids together, but they were a little-less-than-cooperative.
Allison is ready to go in the house. What's the quickest way down?That looks like fun! My turn...I'm stuck! *giggle*Snow Angels! I taught Mia how to make a snow angel. She thought it was funny to lay down in the snow.I couldn't get the snow to stick well enough to make a BIG snowman, so I made a snowbaby. Adelaide wanted to hold our snowbaby. Can you see her licking it? "Mom, our snow baby tastes good."What a sweet picture of Mia. Adelaide apparently burried her pink hat (that matches Mia's purple hat) in the snow. Great. Now we wait.


SNOW!!!! I miss snow!!! "I'm dreamin' of a White Christmas. Where the treetops glisten, and children listen, to hear sleigh bells in the snow."
Mom said…
We got a little bit of snow. A big storm is supposed to hit tomorrow. It is supposed to be very cold and very snowy. We shall see. It is great to see most of the kids like playing in the snow. This is Hot Cocoa weather!!

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