Santa Visit

We went to visit Santa this year at State Farm. We almost missed our scheduled time because the van was acting up. But, we made it in time. Mia was fine with the whole thing.Adelaide did a lot of talking & needed some reassuring throughout the week before our visit. She wanted to make sure that it was OK if she stood next to Santa. She wanted me to know that she did NOT want to sit on his lap. Allison (as expected) FREAKED OUT! Crying...screaming...the whole 9 yards. Poor thing.

I got some other cute pics while we were at State Farm. I love these kids! They drive me crazy, but I love 'em.
Daddy's happy it's over. Now, home to fix the van?Looks can be so deceiving....Ditto.


Awww poor Allison! Get that baby off that strange man's lap! Cute pics of the kids! Very sweet, good job mom & dad! We miss you guys so much!!! LOVE YOU!!!!! 80X
Mom said…
Great to see some new pics. I know how it is to be counting the work days left until the kids are home for the holiday. It seems like with them home, you don't get anything finished. Hang in there.
Love ya, Mom.

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