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Christmas makes everyone think about family. So, why would I be any different? I am very thankful for my family. I mean, all of us can look back & "pick at" the mistakes that we think they made raising us, but it's easier to see now that they did the best they could with the skills & experience they had. I love my mom. She was 17 (a month shy of 18) when she got married. I was born 2 weeks before she was 19. Crazy. My dad was only 23. Can you imagine? My parents have always worked very hard to support their family. Dad did what he needed to so mom could be home with us. Now that we are (more-or-less) grown, she is also able to help him outside the home. I have learned many things that I sometimes forget. Our home saw a lot of contention & quarreling with 7 children (3 girls & 4 boys). It always seemed to be some version of "US" vs. "Them".

I was a stubborn child who grew up arguing with my dad. How much frustration have I caused him? Well, I have learned that even though it was not the correct way, I learned compromise & communication. Yes, sometimes the "discussion" was in highly, elevated voices, but we were both learning. My mother has always been the peacemaker. It was SO important to have her in our home. She could always calm the situation & help me to see more than just my perspective.

I love my brothers & sisters, but we have always had rocky relationships I think. I had different interests than my brothers & the girls are 10 & 14 yrs younger than me. Face it, I was a bossy, bratty older sister too. One of my brothers moved back to AZ when my family went to NY. Growing up, he is the one I fought with the MOST. I am thankful for the opportunity to get to know him & spend time with him. I don't get to spend much time with any of my siblings, but I enjoy getting to know them again as we get older. I am thankful that even though we quarreled (A LOT) when we were young, we have an opportunity to make new friendships with each other.

This brings me to think of things I have learned & need to remind myself. Kids fight with each other. Not all siblings get along ALL of the time. (It would be nice, but it IS NOT the norm.) I look at my mother's example also. Though, I am not as patient as her...I make sure my kids know they are loved & try to help them make good choices. I think my parents did a pretty good job with us. It gives me renewed hope that even though my kids fight sometimes & drive me crazy sometimes...maybe it will all work out in the grand scheme of things. It won't matter that Adam cried about cleaning his room or that the girls went to time-out for fighting. I love my hubby & my kids.

I love my parents and my siblings (I even like their spouses). I miss you guys. I think about you often & hope you are well & happy. Merry Christmas!


Rukia said…
i hear "growing up" stories all the time from my hubby; and, whether you believe me or not, he has confessed on multiple occasions of being the "instigator" of trouble. :) but he's such a sweet heart now. i love your family... and i love your mom--she's such a sweet-heart.

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