How Many??

How many adults are needed to take 4 children to Sam's Club for lunch? Apparently, more than 1 (me). I take the 3 girls to Sam's for lunch probably 3 times a month. Today, I attempted to take everyone, because Adam is home too. It was INSANE! I didn't think that just one more kid would make such a difference. I don't know if it was all the winter attire (i.e. coats, hats, gloves, etc.) or just the change in dynamic. Adam seems to provoke problems that I don't usually have. He bugs the girls until they scream, cry or hit. Then, he complains that THEY are causing trouble. Don't get me wrong. Amelia LOVES to torment her brother too. It all makes me want to scream! Aaah! I was full on screaming at Adam before we left...I guess I should've taken it as a sign. I figured it would be better...that they would behave & listen better in public. Not really. So, I will have to reconsider taking them out anywhere again. I don't know if I can handle it. I just feel kind of bad for them being cooped up inside. It's too cold to go out much. Oh well. I'll finish my shopping later...ALONE.


Mary said…
That is funny -- oh, I mean sad for you! Isn't is crazy how you can go do the same thing that you have done before and everyone is going insane? I feel your pain.

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