Christmas is Coming!

Things have gotten busy at our house. I've got lots of "projects" started & in various stages of completion. I past years, it's been hard to get the tree up. I usually get it decorated by about the 12th (sometimes later), then I can't seem to get it taken down until mid-January. I know, slacker.

This year, I was motivated. We put the tree up on Saturday after Thanksgiving. We had to re-arrange some furniture, but the tree is up so we can enjoy it.

Well, it's up so I can gripe at the kids to stop touching / taking / pressing / swinging / yanking / flipping the ornaments. We've had a couple of casualties already. The kids all had a great time hanging things on the tree.

What a cute little bunch of kids! How sweet.
We must be super-ambitious this year. Bryan borrowed a super-tall ladder to put up Christmas lights up on the house. I was a little stressed out by having him on the roof. It's probably a good 30ft from the base of the ladder. CRAZY!
It looks pretty. I guess I can enjoy it until it's time to take down the lights. Then, Bryan will have to climb back up. Ugh.


Oooo Pretty house!!! Way to go Bry!! Kim keep 911 on speed dial it'll save time if he falls!
Wow your house looks amazing! Love the Christmas Spirit!!!
La Smala said…
What a pretty house, I love it, totally different from AZ huh! So now that they are all covered in snow, you gonna leave the lights up till Easter (just be a white trash, leave'em on all year!)

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