Tricks or Treats?

The WEEK of Halloween is always full of sweets & fun. It also marks the beginning of the downhill slide into the chaos surrounding the holidays. We had lots of fun around here and had plenty of opportunities to dress-up.

On Thursday, the girls were able to wear their costumes to preschool. The children were then led from class to class at the high school to trick-or-treat (TOT). They came home wired (duh), and brought home a boat-load of treats. Every year on the 30th of October, the shops downtown pass out candy. We got us all together & went to TOT there Thursday night. After TOT-ing, we stopped at the clubhouse in our neighborhood for the neighborhood party. It turned out well, because they had pizza & other snacks. Yes, MORE candy.
Here is Mia playing a game at the neighborhood party. Yes! The ball bounced in!

My little Dorothy! She was happy to wear her "Dorothy Dress".I still had this little lion costume left from when Adam wore it long ago. Can you believe Adam wore this when he was about the same age?I already had a Dorothy & a lion. Luckily, I was able to convince Mia to be the witch. Wicked is showing in Chicago. When we were TOT-ing Friday, a couple of ladies thought she was the cutest thing. "There's a little Elphaba!" - "You're our favorite witch."Unfortunately, I was unable to persuade Adam to be a scarecrow or a tin-man. He used his "robe" from last year with a few new accesories.Of course, we ended up with a TON of candy from TOT. We had a great time TOT-ing with our friends. Adam's friend came over & then stayed to play until late. Thanks everyone! It was fun.


I love that you recycled that lion costume of Adam's!! I remember that costume very well. I also LOVE the fact that you did the Wizard of Oz theme. Well as much as you could anyway. That is one of my all time favorite movies!!

Glad you had a Happy Halloween!!!

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