Pacifier Problem

OK, it's normal for kids Allison's age to put items inside containers...take them out...out them Well, Allison loves her binky. She put it in a sippy cup & put on the lid. She then could NOT get the lid off. She was very upset, because she could see her binky in that cup, but could not get it out.
She has now discovered that it is stuck, and she needs help. (Please mom, I'm trying to look pathetic.)
She really tried to get it out. You can see it pretty clearly in the cup.OK, so I finally took pity on her after I got my pictures. Doesn't she look happy now? Time for bed!


Rukia said…
don't they have a law against cruel and unusual punishment? :)
LOL I love the pic of her shaking the cup as if she is saying, "Mom fix this, why did you do this to me?"

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