Museum of Science & Industry

We went to the Museum of Science & Industry in August while Grandma was visiting, but we were able to see very little of it. We went back to see what we missed and had a good time.
Thanks to a friend, we were able to park for free (which is almost unheard of in Chicago). One of the first areas we explored, had all types of space exhibits. The kids liked getting their picture taken & looking like an astronaut. Too cute!

We also liked the circus hall that had all the funny mirrors. Mia looks stretched. I love the picture of Adelaide...her legs look like they are different lengths.
Adam was climbing the walls!
Another photo op! Too bad I only had 50% cooperation.
One of MY favorite things, were the shadow walls. When you kept still, the butterflies landed on your shadow. - Adelaide has a butterfly on her head!
Adam stood very still to see how many butterflies would collect on him.
We even got to see a little show (demonstration) called Poop Happens. It was very cute & funny, but a bit disgusting at the same time. The premise was that this guy had his science project about digestion. First, he had cereal in a container. He added milk & had a volunteer used a potato masher to simulate "chewing". Another volunteer poured the mashed stuff from the container into a clear pastry bag (esophagus). Another volunteer squeezed the goop from the esophagus into another baggie (stomach) where they added honey (stomach acid). Then, as he talked about chemical & mecahnical digestion occurring in the stomach, he kneeded the baggie making it a smoother mixture of goop. Another volunteer squeezed the goo into another container (small intestine), where some drops of color (enzymes) were added. Then to another container (large intestine) where cocoa powder (wastes & other leftover chemicals) was mixed into the goop. Adam was the last volunteer. His job was to help pour the goo (which now resembled poop) from the large intestine into the rectum (another clear pastry bag). Then, he got to "poop". The guy cut the end & Adam got to squeezed the stuff out. GROSS! It was SO funny. The video clip is just the last little bit, but it's funny to hear the reactions of the audience.


Rukia said…
well, i was going to say that i LOVE science musems... but that um "poop" display might change my mind. LOL

i've never seen a butterfly wall before.. that looked SO COOL. I wanna see it! How did it work???
I love Adam standing there agreeing with the guy that they were going to go get a toilet. LOL Priceless!

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