Lincoln Park Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, we took a mini-vaycay to Chicago. We spent 2 nights & had a great time as a family. We went swimming at the hotel, went to the Museum of Science & Industry and to the Lincoln Park Zoo.This is another Free zoo. - No admission cost. I guess living in AZ, I kind of take for granted that in other places animals would need an indoor & outdoor enclosure. In AZ, the animals have areas to go to get inside from the elements, but they cannot usually be seen when they go in. I guess it must be more of an Eastern thing, but I think it's cool that most of the animals here have an inside viewing area & an outside one. There are also buildings like the Primate House & Lion House where you view the aniamls inside. So cool!There were many areas where people were set-up to answer questions & share interesting facts.Another odd thing was that the park was right amidst the buildings & city itself. There were several gates to enter & exit the zoo. Many people could walk right through, or come on their lunch break, etc. It was more like a park that happened to have animals, rather than what I think of when I think "zoo".I liked the gorillas. Hear, Adelaide looks like she is calling to him as he sits outside.Hear are some more cheesy pictures of everyone. Of course they love to smile until I want to try to "organize" them.

Daddy is such a good sport. - He doesn't really like the zoo.Adam never misses an opportunity to use the camera. Say cheese!


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