Playgroup & MY Play-Doh Problem

If you've never heard me mention it, I Hate Play-Doh. It drives me crazy! It gets on the floor, ground into the carpet & leaves that filmy feeling on everything. My life would be just fine without play-doh. However, then I start to think that I'm a bad mom depriving her kids of the experience. So, I have to weigh what I perceive as cons (everything about play-doh) against the pros - like I know it is another medium for them to show creativity, and it's really good for kinesthenic development. It just drives me crazy.

Well, today we hosted playgroup at our house. I guess I was feeling, uh, generous? brave? patient? Anyway, I decided to get the play-doh bucket down from out of MY closet. My girls were SO excited. It worked really well. The kids that came played for almost an hour before we cleaned up to have our snacks.

BTW, how young is TOO young for play-doh? I know that most products have that "Not for kids under 3" disclaimer on them. Well, I try to gauge my kids & see what milestones they hit or how I think they like certain toys. I mean, duh. I won't give a kid something with little pieces if I know it's going straight in her mouth. But anyway, when I worked in the nursery (long ago), occasionally we would let them play play-doh (mind you, these are 18mo. - 3yr kids). I didn't really think twice about giving Allison a little-kid-fist sized ball of play-doh. She was THRILLED! She grabbed that thing & took a great big BITE! Aaah...No, Allison! And here we have Allison, looking forlorn & left out as she insists on sitting at the table by the kids.
Poor baby...Maybe when you're a little bigger.


I am right there with you about Play Doh. I think it is EVIL!!!! But the kids , they love the stuff. Poor Allison. No PLay Doh in the mouth Alli. She'll get there. I love that she just sat there and watched. So sweet.

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