Park Day

Yesterday, the girls & I walked Adam to his bus stop, then continued & walked to our neighborhood park. I decided that I could use the exercise, and the girls wanted to play. I took lots of pictures. All of the girls LOVE the slide. There are several at this park.
Allison on the slide.Adelaide on the slide.Mia on the slide.As you can see, Allison is very confident & sometimes a little too daring & independent. - She has to do stuff just like her big sisters.

Even with all of her daring & independence, these are the steps she ended up falling off of. Poor baby...She even had wood chips in her mouth. Blech!

Mia is SO the big sister. She wants to follow Allison around or MAKE her play with her. She also HAS to be in as many pictures as she can. Are you afraid we'll forget you?

Adelaide and Allison usually play pretty well together. That is, when Allison doesn't bite or pull hair. What can I do??


Awww & LOL I don't know which one to say. I feel bad that Adelaide fell but oh my gosh she was so cute and funny with the wood chips in her mouth and screaming her head off. Poor cute little button!

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