Labor Day Picnic

Every year, our ward has a Labor Day Picnic at a local park. It is great fun. The Elders Quorum provides the meat, buns & drinks. Every family was supposed to bring something to share. It was a little tricky getting food for the 3 girls at once. Then, Bry had to wait in line. I'm glad Adam is old enough to get his own food. It was crazy, but everything was good. Smile Allison!
I guess it's MY fault for trying to take the picture while he was eating.
Isn't this a cute picture? The girls had a blast playing with their friends.

Allison had to climb quite a bit to get up to the slide she wanted. Bry stayed @ the bottom while I looked down from above. Hey Honey!
I think the High Priests group was in charge of the BINGO game. The kids (and several adults) had a great time playing.
In addition to the food, playground & BINGO, there were other activities. Several of the youth played basketball. A few of them played tag on the playground. And, there was a water balloon fight.

Before I go into that, I have to explain that one of the YM leaders walked away from the little kids' water balloon fight carrying 2-3 full balloons. He was walking toward the playground, and I assumed that he was going to throw them @ some of the YW (he's very competitive & just has that personality). Well, 2 boys came by & each of them had full balloons also. - I sent them after their leader & told them to "get him". Of course, they thought it was hysterical & dashed off. BTW, they got him. Well, this leader & I ended up being 2 of 3 adults that participated with the youth in their water balloon fight. It was so much fun, but I got hit several times by many various people. I didn't really mind though as it was 90 degrees or so.

We had a really good time, but we were grateful to come home & put the kids down for a NAP. How exhausting!


LOL Love the fact that you started a war. Awesome Labor Day picnic we did absolutely nothing!

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