Bad Luck? Good Luck?

We were late to church today. You'd think that with church at 1pm, I'd have enough time to get myself ready & do 3 little girls' hair.'d think so. Anyway, we were already leaving later than I had planned (& were going to be late anyway). I backed out of the garage & something felt "weird". I put the van in park & looked @ my hubby. "I think we have a flat." I hopped out & sure enough, my front driver's tire was as flat as it could possibly be. The steel belts were showing through. So, this is my bad luck. (Glad my hubby can change a tire...)

However, I do think that it could have been much worse. Bry had gone to Blockbuster earlier in the morning to return some videos. I think that short drive might have been enough to separate the tire such that all of the air leaked out. I AM thankful, because the tire might have blown-out without this trip & the extra weight from the rest of the family.

Now, this is the part that I do consider Good Luck: That tire made the trip all the way to Nauvoo & back home yesterday. Things could have been SO much worse. We went to Nauvoo for youth baptisms & our ward temple day. I truly believe we were blessed. We had an excellent experience & came home safely.

I also wanted to give a "shout out" to Syndy & Chris. Thanks SO much for watching the kids for us. We love you guys & appreciate all you do for us. Thanks again!


The Queen Bee said…
no prob. They were good. Sometimes it's better to have other kids over to keep yours busy. It was also good to find out that a pot of spaghetti can feed 9 kids and 2 adults!
I am so glad you are all safe. What a good way to look at a flat tire.

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