Uncle Daniel...a TRUCKER??

So, Sunday I got a call from my brother, Daniel. He has been training for his CDL to drive for Swift Trucking. Well, he was on his first real solo-run. He realized he would be passing within about an hour of me. He was about 150 miles from his destination & couldn't deliver his load until Tuesday. Basically, he was going to have to take a day and a half break. I invited Daniel to come spend Monday with us & my in-laws. So, I got up in the morning, drove an hour to pick up my brother & turned around & came back home. It was really cool to see his (or rather Swift's) truck. I never really thought of just how big these things are.When I stood next to the open door, the seat was higher than my head.Daniel seems to enjoy driving.I thought it was hysterical that my van looked SO small compared to these big trucks.Too bad the kids didn't get to see it. I'm sure there will be another opportunity. Daniel is committed to Swift for, at least, the next 13 months.


Chaz said…
I am about to go to this school myself, nice to see it actually works. Cool Pictures of the truck.

Peace and Blessings to you and yours, Chaz

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