Pro Putt Family Fun

We have a place here in Bloomington called Pro Putt Family Fun Center. Adam got a free ticket from the library's summer reading program. AND...on Wednesdays, they have a special that adults get in free with a paid child admission. Oh, did I mention that 3 & under are free?? So, let's see. We took Grandma, Grandpa, Me, Adam, Amelia, Adelaide, Allison, cousin Ryan & cousin griffin, and we paid $15. Yup...15 bucks for 6 kids & 3 adults. Who could beat that for an afternoon packed full of fun?

It's a very fun place to play. There's a big Playplace thing (like @ McDonald's) for the kids to climb in & explore. There is an arcade with a ton of games set to "free play". And of course, there is mini-golf (it is "Pro Putt" after all). They also have a room with "Cosmic Golf" (glow-in-the-dark).

It's great, because (for the most part) the kids all go & do what they want. This left time for Grandma to kick Grandpa's butt at a game of golf. Allison kept trying to steal the ball. Here's Adelaide throwing balls at me. Griffin really liked jumping on the trampoline.Adelaide had a blast on it too. Can't you tell by the smile on her face?Even Allison got a turn on the trampoline.Grandpa agreed to play a game of pool with Griffin. He was thrilled to pieces for the opportunity.Look at the concentration....
Later, Adam played a game with Griffin. He always wants to try my video-pool. I think he realizes that real pool is a little harder than it looks.Ryan really liked playing this Trophy Hunter game. I think he was getting pretty good at it. He took a break for a while & played a round of "Cosmic Golf" with Amelia. She wasn't real sure how to golf, but Ryan was very patient & had fun with her.Adelaide even got into playing a few games. She really doesn't have the skills, but she was tickled to death to be ALLOWED to play games just like the "big kids".I think Adam tried almost every game in the place. He liked this old Simpson's game well.Adam also played Trophy Hunter for a while.Allison was very independent. She climbed in the playplace just like the others. She got into the ball pit just like the others.But, she DID discover that she didn't want to be IN the balls. Poor baby.Everybody had a great time. But, I'm running out of ideas to entertain people. Oh well. Today, we went to the pool again. I guess that's always a good idea.


Looks like lots of fun for a more than reasonable price can't wait to go here too. LOL Love you!!
The Queen Bee said…
Nothin beats playing in someone else's air conditioning!

I love that carmel popcorn recipe. We have it A LOT!

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