A "Normal" Fourth of July

We had a pretty good 4th of July this year. I got to sleep in & most of the kids did too. Poor Bryan still got up about 6:30am. - He just can't seem to sleep in. We relaxed & hung around the house most of the day. Later, Chris came over (his family is in CA) and had a BBQ with us. I cooked some onions & peppers, and Bry grilled some Italian sausages, Brats and hamburgers. Mmmmm... It was really good. There were a couple of sausages left over. I cut them up & added the leftover peppers....dinner tomorrow. Add a can of tomatoes & serve over spaghetti...mmmmmm.

OK, I know this pic is blurry, but it was one of the best. We were at a field, waiting to watch the fireworks. We decided to light some sparklers early (before it got too dark), so I could take some pics AND to occupy the kids. This is one of the first ones that we lit. We had to keep reminding Mia to keep them away from others. You can see that little Allison wants to get into the action too.

Adelaide was hilarious to watch. She wanted to hold a sparkler, but she was scared of the sparks. So, she would beg & plead for us to light one for her, then she would jump back & freak out when we tried to hand it to her.

Mia & Adam absolutely LOVED playing with the sparklers. Can you say PYRO-in-training??

I think Amelia especially liked the way the fire moved. Here's a clip of her singing.

If you look closely at this video of Adam, you can see Adelaide & Allison running off in the background. Adelaide is the little girl in the yellow skirt & pink shirt, and Allison is her "speck" of a companion. They made it pretty far. The kids LOVED being able to just run & go crazy. Too funny.


I love watching them play with the sparklers, oh it brings back so many great memories. AZ sukcs. My kids can't play with sparklers here. We are coming out there next year for the 4th of July. I am giving you fair warning. 80) And Adam with his Grim Reaper comment hysterical. Definitely your kid! LOL
Syndy said…
looks like you guys had a blast! I miss you all. I'm counting the days till I come home! Have fun.

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