A Monkey's Tale

We moved to Illinois right after Christmas 2006, and arrived near January 1st, 2007. Shortly after, in the spring, the purple monkey appeared. Now, Adelaide was still pretty little (almost 2) & was talking, but hard to understand. She recognized that purple monkey. After a little while, she would ask if we would see the purple monkey. Well, a few times when we would drive by, he would not be there & we'd have to speculate about where he'd gone. Eventually, the purple monkey disappeared.

Apparently, he was only on vacation though. He re-appeared sometime in the late-summer or early-fall. Again, Adelaide was excited to see her friend purple monkey. But, eventually it did become too cold I think to keep the inflateable out on the corner. He had to "go away" again.

The funny thing is not that this car dealership uses the SAME attention-getting tactics season after season. The funniest part is that my kids look for the purple monkey. And because he has disappeared & returned a few times, they expect it to continue. Well, they were not disappointed. - Just recently, the purple monkey "came back". The kids were SO excited. I know- Totally NUTS. They are so funny, the girls talk to each other about where they think he has been. Adam just thinks they are being dumb, but I won't let him say anything. It's SO funny.


That is so cute that they wonder and speculate as to where the purple monkey has been while he was gone...reminds me of how I used to speculate as to what Santa and Mrs. Claus did and where they went for their vaca every year just after Christmas. LOL

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