"Is this the Purple Monkey way???"

An update on the status of the Purple Monkey... He has been flat & laying on the ground for (at least) the past 3 days that the kids have noticed.

Because my in-laws are visiting, whenever we go somewhere, we take 2 cars. Amelia & Adam have been taking turns riding with Grandma. When we got home, one of these evenings, Amelia made a point of telling Adelaide that the Purple Monkey was flat & did she see him laying on the ground etc. I have NO idea how or why my kids have become SO fixated on this thing. I only blog it, because I think it is so funny & cute. My 12 year old nephew questioned why the girls liked the Purple Monkey so much. It's really an unexplainable phenomenon.

We were driving in Springfield, IL yesterday. Adelaide asked if we were going home. I told her we were. Then she asked, "Is this the Purple Monkey way?"


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